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If you use gas catering appliances in your business, then DAM Heating and Plumbing can help you out. We have commercial gas catering engineers available throughout Glasgow and beyond who look after and istall all kinds of gas catering appliances.

We have catering and certified engineers that are qualified to look after and certify:

  • Forced & naturally aspirated fryers
  • Grills, griddles & hot tops
  • Bain marie & cabinet heaters
  • All types of ovens; from pizza to large bakery units
  • Vented tea urns & water heaters (Please note: We do not test pressure boilers)

In addition to the appliances above, we also offer some very specialised services, which include:

  • Ventilation & extract gas interlock systems
  • Gas pressure proving systems

We are also one of the only companies in Scotland that offer LPG and Mobile Catering Services, from testing to repairs and upgrades. Our catering engineers carry the very specialist CMC1 gas qualification which is specific to the mobile catering world. Which means that we can carry out your 6 monthly mobile safety testing, which is required for all street traders firing gas appliances.

Gas Safe
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